Fashion Files: Weekend Fun

I don't remember ever looking forward to a weekend quite like I did yesterday.
There is nothing special going on in particular, its just that I really needed a break. It's been heck at work and I am just glad I am up for some down-time with my little boy.
Today - For sure I'll be wearing something like this and doing some shopping, drinking ice tea and reading my book. Can't wait!
Tomorrow - will stay home in my pj's all day and do nothin'. Pure Bliss.

What are your plans my luvs?


OneCraftyFox said...

Hello gorgeous!! You will rock that look!

Glad to hear you will have some down time with the little guy... much deserved, my dearest.

I had some down time on Fri night which was much needed because I was not in bed before 2am on any given day starting a week before. ROFL.

Hit up the beach yesterday, and today I have a salsa lesson ;)

LOVES YOU BUNCHES! Also, OMG you are a doll... your compliment completely made my day :) My recipe for looking young is acting it. Lots of smiles, and tons of laughter, life is too short.

xoxxo Diana

Nuit Hernandez said...

salsa lesson!!!? THERE is your secret to looking so young ;) i am signing up MANANA!!! lols

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