3 Noteworthy Spaces

Mondays are tough, we all know that. Some amazing room porn is definitely what we all need on a monday to brighten our spirits. Riiiight? Check this out.

First of all, a master piece brought to you by Feldman Architecture {photo via Desire to Inspire} and I am like, FLOORED. Is there a more gorgeous kitchen out there? God, there are so many drool-worthy elements here it's not funny. Gotta love that loooong island, I am sure those who cook appreciate it. But there is also the natural light, the stone backsplash, the un-even shelves and the glorious salvaged wood at the front of the counter.

Then, we have this beauty... OH swoon! I am always crazy about a good gallery wall and some mean shades of gray! LOVE how this room is not femenine at all. I could live here no problemo.
{obviously via Elle Decor}

And now, a gorgeous room that reminds me of the English countryside. Got one word: DIVINE!
PS. I DIE for that Blanket!!!!!

Enjoy your evening loves!

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