Seriously amazing small kitchens

After a lovely relaxing weekend............. {here I am in the office wishing I could go back to that lounge chair} what's with mondays right?

Anyway, now is the turn of some tiny kitchens, lets face it. Most of us actually have small kitchens, especially if you live in a big city in an apartment.

And if you're renting,  things complicate even more... Rental decorating can seem like mission impossible but it's actually not, these small places are fabulous, not a drop of bad style. Ch-ch-check 'em.

1.- Big City apartment - take advantage of light/views and bright whites to make it seem bigger. Oh, and keep it simple for Christ's sake! no space for clutter and stuff.

2.- Cute & functional country style. I love small islands like that, that you can move around if you need more space, they are so helpful and provide a ton of extra much needed counter space.

3.- Use every square inch!! don't be afraid to use all the space you've got. ALL of it. See here, they even have extra chairs folded and hung by the fridge!!! Light wood is a YES in small spaces.

4.- Use interesting textures and good lighting and no-one will notice the lack of space. Glossy subway tiles, exposed brick, deep rich wood and leather will always translate into a sophisticated space. {love the shelves}

5.- Minimal Dream.... many of us love simplicity, after all, they say simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication... Storage solutions in this tiny space are so genius, they provide all the counter space you will need to cook a serious meal ;)

I loved number 3 and 5. What bout you?



Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I'm wishing my kitchen was bigger- or at least more stylish.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

What gorgeous kitchens!

Nuit Hernandez said...

me too Ren, but you know, sometimes paint will do.... painting the one wall red really helped me feel good about my kitchen ;) and now I have to work on my pantry (its a mess) and I have to get a small island :)

Nuit Hernandez said...
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