Really small but Really clever

Here are 3 really-really small spaces with a ton of personality.

I honestly was like: SAY WHAT!? Can't believe a place so small can look that good and be so functional at the same time!!!

1: Grown-up and sophisticated
{rich tones and textures and a jazzy, elegant vibe... I wanna touch everything in this room!!}

2.- sunny, cheerful, modern
This is probably not the direction I would take, but I have to admit some of the choices here are genius!!!
{gorge window treatment!}

3.- Finally, we have this awesome living/office area
Which is absolutely fabulous. I love the neutral, organic elements, love the white, the house plant
and the DESK!!! this place is small but looks super-duper comfortable!

Do you have a fave???

all via Decoist

have a FAB weekend!!!!!!!!!! xx

1 comment:

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Love that living room/office–so clever!

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