today's brittish place ❤

I am crushing big time on today's brittish place... Neutral colors, gorgeous wallpaper and wood paneling, beautiful floors... AND the most perfect kitchen I have seen.

This is the stunning Annabel House in London, enjoy the tour ;)
{via 1st Option}

Totally swoon-worthy no?




Errant Aesthete said...

White is, and, always, will remain
the hallmark of style, beauty and exquisite taste. I love its incandescence and lack of hue. I could so easily slip into living into a whole world of white.

Dearest Nuit, I wanted to stop by and thank you for your unfailing enthusiasm and generosity of support. Your comments are always filled with spirit and heart-felt regard. I especially loved what you said today and felt a profound sense of gratitude in knowing something I had written resonated with you. Thank you!

Nuit said...

awww... my pleasure! your blog is simply the best out there. Period.

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh yes! That bathroom and that bedroom is a place I've been dreaming about. I love it!

Annie@A View On Design said...

omg - how gorgeous is this home - how bad would I love to live there? HEAPS!!! hi mate, lovin these pics! keep it up (if you can!) xxx

Nuit said...

Hi guys!!! thank you ;) I'll do my best. IT's hard to keep raising the bar sometimes because you find houses that really are insanely gorgeous and unreal!!! and just when you think there's nothing prettier, one ever better comes along!! amazing. I really wish I was movin to london and I had a few millions to spare ;) you know, some luxury travel and high social interaction wouldnt kill anyone HA!


Carole said...

Ah, now this one just has it all. I would love to host a typical sunday lunch in that gorgeous kitchen.

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