The New Traditional Style

A lot of decorators are now moving forward to create the ultra-livable New Traditional style. It is a style that I personally find fascinating. I love the classics and the old stuff but I also love the comforts of modern life. That combination is the key to New Tranditional.

We once thought of as traditional is rooted in English country style [with saturated colors, matching window treatments with heavy layers and also matching furniture, etc]

Basically the New Traditional is all about combining elements such as comfort, the use of formal furniture with simpler lines and personal touches. Classics in a larger scale, cabinets to hold media equipment, modern elements and mix of finishes and periods.

Designer Keller Donovan says "I think that new traditional is a little stronger, a little brighter, a little more defined"


Need images??? here they are!

Today's designers' favorite finish: lacquer. "Lacquering things makes them more sculptural. The sheen has a more modern feel," says Celerie Kemble.

"You appreciate the things around you more when you can see them."
Eve Robinson

"Colors have changed -- they're less saturated, much more atmospheric," says decorating genius Jeffrey Bilhuber.

"I would suggest people find objects they're really excited by and display them in a way that showcases them as art," says the lovely Celerie Kemble, who hangs vintage board games and antique toys on her walls.

Yup, this is so ME!


Images: BHG


Dancing Branflake said...

This is totally me also! I love this!

And thanks for your sweet comment. From your profile picture I can tell you are a beautiful dancer still.

Stacey said...

I love this and i so agree that we should be able to see what we love in our home. I love the new music too- it's so soothing. xo

OneCraftyFox said...

Very strong, and totally my style as well!

I luv the sneak peak at your bistro red kitchen, can't wait to see more. Am I mistaken, or did you also not redo your patio/porch this summer as well? I don't remember seeing the end result...

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend, sweetie!

Annie@A View On Design said...

yup - this is me too!

Tamara Nicole said...

Gorgeous pics, love the simple style of these! :-)

Pop Champagne said...

the place looks so nice! Though I'm scared that if I live with a white couch and carpets that I will spill on it lol. sighh I can only stick with dark furnitures and hardwood floors for now hehe

Nuit said...

oh I knoooow! I have a 4 year old so WHITE furniture is out of the question. Thank you guys you are all SOOO sweet!! Oh and Di, you got me, I did renovate my patio {which was central ugliness} this summer and I will have pictures soon. I have been trying to work on a couple of gardening projects out there and that's why it's taking so long [no BUENO!!!] I need to finish and Pronto! and I will show pics I promise =D

SCISI said...

love love love i wish i didnt spend all my wages this summeron clothes i could have moved out and hope attempted something like this on a very tiny budget of course. lol xxscisi

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