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Boy it's been a crazy first half of the week! we've had some heavy rains in the area {most of u know, I live in the super crazy-humid tropical forest} and my roof apparently had not received the maintenance that was necessary for these circumstances. Anyhoo I've had workers up on my roof for two days and it should be ok after today.

Alright, let's get to it!

BNOdesign is a stunning collection of products created by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz. The furniture and accessories are an honest reflection of Benjamin's interior design philosophy. He believes that interiors should be elevated into living works of art. He integrates period styles, plays with materials, and uses simple and clean lines.

Says his website that there is over two decades of design experience behind each piece. [wowza! that's my age! ... ok not quite.]

He has had some seriously prominent partnerships, for example take: Tapestria's Elements Collection, a division of Hunter Douglas , Kohler {my lover} Company, a collection for Nessen Lighting, the Chroma Rug Collection in conjunction with Furnished Quarters, and the Metropolitan Home Collection.

Needless to say, he has accumulated a set of fantastic pieces. Currently, only a selected few are actually manufactured for retail and are exclusively available at NiBa Home in Miami.

While I normally feel very much inclined to incorporating nature, vintage and hand-made into my interiors, it's indeed necessary for us to realize our lives would be very different without people like Benjamin. Because even stuff for sale at discount stores, vintage finds at flea markets, or even things we buy because they look different or retro and do not scream "expensive" and of course we feel special buying something cool, innexpensive and unique , those "things" once popped out of some creative genius's mind, that sets a trend and all of the sudden a certain style is created, then other designers create their own version, then someone creates a more affordable version until these precious items reach our hands.

K, enough blabbing from me...

Check out the Niba Home website also, it's somethin' to see ;)

PS. did you see the chandelierssss??? {I die}



Stacey said...

I am rocking out to this Moby and Gwen collabo. Love it! Anyway, i'm blog hopping today. I love all the white that you featured today. I am a fan of Mr. Noriega Ortiz myself. Yes, the chandeliers are awesome! Happy Wednesday.

Nuit said...

Thanks Stacey!!! happy wednesday to you ;)

The Zhush said...

New to this man's work...just gorgeous! All of it! Thanks for the intro!

Stacey said...

Thanks for the follow-now following back:-)

Nuit said...

aww thanks Stacey how exciting =D

Thanks guys for your comments. This guy is a genius!!

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