PaTiO WorkS

Sorry I took so long guys! here it is.... My patio. Still needs some work and accents but the hardest part is done [yayy!!!].

Before: Ugly, Dirty & Useless
{yeah, that's a dead christmas tree LOLs}


I planted 10 of these over the past two weeks. Had breakfast outside on sunday with my son and we enjoyed the birds and the butterflies on our flowers. Loves it!

[I have had that Aloe vera for a while but I relocated it]

This tree is suposed to grow pretty tall, not sure if I will like it or if I will end up replacing it for something else like a palm tree.

Bought the table and a bench and now I have to find chairs and figure out what I want to do on that wall on the left.

I love the image of St Francis of Assisis and bout this baby on sale at Home Depot [LOLs]
You put water in the bowl and birds will stop by for a drink.

The floor I chose is a Terrace floor. It almost looks like it's tile. I really love the warmth of this color and design.

More on the flowers... as you can see they are climbing pretty fast! the idea is to have that entire wall covered in green and flowers. [The top of the wall is fenced so that's where they plants will attach themselves]

You likey???

When I buy the chairs, paint that wall on the left, or add a mirror or whatever I do, I will show an update.




The Zhush said...

I do likey! So far so good!

OneCraftyFox said...

Oh, I likey, I likey!! I thought for sure the floor was tile. You have done such a beautiful job. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Can't wait to see when the last few pieces move in!!

Stacey said...

Yes, great job too! I love what you've planted so far. I have some of the aloe vera plant and they are great. Plus, you can place them on burns and such. Thanks for sharing!

Carole said...

Looking good!!

Nuit said...

Yes stacey! and you know what I heard too??? placing fresh aloe vera on your face removes sun damage and cleans it real good!!!

George Dajo said...

You finally tackled the backyard huh! Looks good!! Love the flooring choice. Hope all is well.

Leah said...

OH I likey a lot! It's really coming along!


Pop Champagne said...

I love your yard reno a lot! it looks really nice, add an umbrella and lounge chair and I can see myself spending an afternoon there :D

SCISI said...

green fingered too... wow loving the transformation:)

Nuit said...

Thank you Scisi!!!!! I hve missed u gurl!!! xo

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