Today's Brittish Place

The Balcombe house, located on West Sussex  is MY kinda place. A mix of delicious swedish and urban chic but most importantly, it is comfortable and livable. I simply adore the work on the fireplaces, it's absolutely drool-worthy. Let's see if you likey.............


I love this arrangement, and the vignette on the mantel!!! swoon.

Another successful Mantel arrangement here... and BRICKS! {Je adore bricks.}

Sometimes you just want LESS instead of more. Specially in a guest bedroom... what say you?

I die for the mixed and matched dining set. Perfection!

 And the kitchen  island....

A closer look to the island, (ehem!!!... did you guys notice the INSANE floors!!??)

Another approach to the simple lines combined with accent objects to add personality, not so simple to pull off though.

I need these and pronto.

The daughter's bedroom is definitely my fave room in the house. So chic and perfectly styled, there are a few femenine touches, geniusly paired with black items to give the room structure. Not your typical girl's bedroom and that's what makes it OH-SO FAB!!!!!!!

OK. guys, I get to this point and I just CANT DEAL. Just look at the real-size doll house out in the back.

Do you love it?


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Oscar and Anna said...

I looove that kitchen!!

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