Halloween ya'll !!!

Aaaalrighty..... let's talk halloween shall we? I am crazy about these ideas by, well, Martha Stewart of course (is there anyone more insanely creative?) LUVES HER!!!!!!!!!!!

And tell me, are you going to have a party? here's what you'll need...

A super sick and creepy finger Invitation!!!

Stylish and mysterious silhouettes and cookies (or anything edible that looks like a brain)....

Oh YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! gross (yet delicious) punch!!! you've gotta have that!!!

Spiders all over... yikes!!!

Now, let's discuss costumes...... is THIS YOU???

If you're a baby you must go for this, TOO ADORBS. 
If you are over 5, save yourself the trouble, it's not cute anymore.

 Fortune teller..........
And, (totally unrelated) did you know that some fortune teller told Coco Chanel she would be rich and famous??? I wanna  know where she's at.

OK this ghost is creepy.

Medusa! (Martha cracks me up!)

MOST of these costumes are DIY and you can go to Martha's page for tutorials :)

Me and my son plan on dressing up for Trick or Treating, if it comes out alright I will post photos. IF :)




Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

These are such fantastic ideas! I love the scary punch!

Nuit said...

:D i love it too! deliciously spooky!!

Pop Champagne said...

lovely ideas! the picture frames one is really nice, I think I'd keep that up for the entire year actually haha

Simply Life said...

oh that finger invitation is too funny!

SCISI said...

Halloween was fun his yeah i was a boring unadventurous sexy cat but after much drinking and dancing ended up melted faced cat very scary indeed. ha ha xxscisi

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