Something's gotta give fabulousness!

One of my favorite movies of all times has also some pretty-darn-fabulous interiors. In Something's gotta give, Diane's character is a famous writer with a house in The Hamptons.

There is a decorating style very particular of The Hamptons though, a friendly elegant beach cottage feel, a lot of whites and neutrals, nautical themes and of course PLENTY of space. This house in the movie sure follows all the rules to be followed and it works.

Ch-ch-check it out!

James Radin, the awesome LA based interior designer is credited at the end of the movie with a "Thanks." - he is Nancy Meyers' ( the writer and director ) personal interior designer.  Beth Rubino, Set Decorator is who has been truly credited with the house's design so Radin's role in the house's design is apparently come in and help the production team make the house look professionally decorated. Because that's how Diane's character would have had it! {Radin also designed the houses in The Holiday!"}


And, Just for fun............

Is this style something you likey???



Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

love the movie and the style- the kitchen is pretty fabulous.

Nuit said...

oh yeah ;)

jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

I could totally live there!

BluBabesCreate said...

Yes and no I go back and forth.

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