Fabulousness times 4: Pale pink

I am not a pink lover but these 4 images have got me drooling for realz. Ok, bring in the fabulousness.

First of all, how COOL is that tree Stencil?
Couch pretty fab too...

A little bit of florals give this room a very warm feeling. I love the color combo!

Chic CHIC ChiC!!! (I need that mirror and Pronto.)

Last but most certainly NOT least... I have totally fallen for this dress and if I had it, I would totally wear it Mañana.

(who care's it's really cold and raining hail here in Mexico City!!! ... yeah I am back here)

Are you into PINK?


Stacey said...

these are gorgeous! i especially love the 2nd bedroom. how are you girl? i hope you're enjoying your weekend:-). xx

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I adore pink. Love those curtains, second bedchamber and the last image. Pink is always so feminine and elegant. Happy Sunday;-)

Nuit said...

Thank you Stacey!! I am doing great. Thanks to both for visiting :)

Nuha said...

LOVE pink! i've managed to unintentionally incorporate it into every room of our house :)

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