The Man: Pete Oyler

I am head over heels for Pete Oyler's designs, modern, friendly, useful and all kinds of fabulous!

Look it!!! (and go check out his PAGE imediately, if not sooner)

First up is the all-kinds-of-awesome BACON TABLE.

The Rip + Tatter Kid's chair is Made from 100% recycled cardboard, this chair is sculpted by hammering industrial cardboard.  It's durable and perfectly suited for children 2-5.

I have FALLEN. this man is like a genius or somethin.

The Stretch Shelf!!!

Creature Clock

Don't you luvs it!!???????


Fabrizia said...

Hi!!I like your blog so much, really great and funny items!
Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!


Nuit said...

sure will Fabrizia!!! xo

Pop Champagne said...

the stretch shelf is really cool!! I love them

Paula (The Sea Green Journal) said...

Hi Nuit,

I especially love The Rip + Tatter Kid's chair - simply amazing and cool! =]

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