Très Belle!

Clearly I am in LUV with La Belle Juliette Hotel in the ever-chic & romantic Paris, France. I have posted some of its gorgeousness in previous 'Random Rooms to Die for' features and I just seem to never have enough of it. It's TOO good you guys!!!!

This time, I have three images, which are particularly special because my mind is being blown {and hard} by the perfection of the Color Palettes.

First, rich Burgundy Red paired with gray to create a sensual yet welcoming room. WOW.

Second, luvs the use of different layers of blue, from real pale to deep, almost purple. Icing on the cake being that beautiful Aqua chair!!! Gorge.

and third... this totally chic & dramatic jacuzzi area i am drooling over. What an awesome inspiration /starting point if you want to use rich tones of blue for decorating any space.

Happy weekend darlings!!!!



Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I do love that bedroom- it's not unlike mine-

Splenderosa said...

Goodness, Nuit, this is so pretty. I'm going to look it up and see where it's located within Paris.
Happy Mother's Day, darling one!!

Nuit said...

Thank you Marsha & Ren!! Happy mother's day to both of you!!!! xoxoxo

mnemonique said...

I love this first picture. The grey over the other gray is so beautiful. and the burgundy suits it so well.

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