I heart Splendorosa!

The first time I laid eyes on some of the fabulous Splendorosa Designer Jewelry 'yours truly' just about died right there. It's all so unique and special.

The use of semi-precious stones and the best materials make each piece a very special one, for life. AND... You can shop direct, at prices which do not include the regular retail mark-up {which sometimes are INSANE if I may say so.................}. Let me just add that this Jewelry was formerly sold at 47 high-end boutiques across the USA and is of the highest possible quality and workmanship.

Some of my faves are right here ;)
Go check out the entire collection immediately, if not sooner HERE!

to DIE.

Each piece is made to your own measurements, meaning the necklaces will always hang at the exact spot you determine {this is priceless, if you ask me}, and the bracelets won't fall off your arm.... {ultimate definition of awesomeness!}

The best? All merchandise has a life-time warranty against normal wear & tear; if you experience a problem you can send the piece back for repair at no charge.

Contact my dear friend Marsha at splenderosa@gmail.com Tell her all about your preferences & your thoughts. Surely she will be able to translate that into one beautiful piece for life.



Splenderosa said...

Nuit, I was just going through my Reader, never expecting to come across a post like this one. I am overwhelmed with joy that you have written all these wonderfun things about me & the jewelry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, soul & tiptoes, my friend. I am blessed...

Nuit said...

=D your welcome lovely!! I exported the post to facebook and two of my girlfriends absolutely LOVED Your work ;) you are SOOOO Talented.

OneCraftyFox said...

Mmm hmmm, totally beautiful!! Your friend is very talented.

You look gorgeous as usual in your new profile pic ;)

Hope you are having a wonderful week, and I love your cheerful post below!

mnemonique said...

the last necklace is so plain and I like it the most

Nuit said...

oh Di thank you!!! i can always count of you to brighten my day!!! =D Thank you all for visiting :)

Carole said...

So beautiful. Those first earrings have my name on them!

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