Today's Brittish Place {WOW.period.}

The Factory House

{there is NOT much more for me to say luvs, this place has left me SPEECHLESS!, which is a tough task indeed}

Everything about this house is special... there is the mix of old and new, the Victorial feel to it, the bare brick walls, the stunning art & chandeliers... it's just... WOW. I need to move into a place like this and PRONTO. I seriously feel my happiness entirely depends upon that.

u like???


mnemonique said...

it is beautiful, I especially like the kitchen - these raw boards on floor make a good contrast for white furniture!
Monika from

OneCraftyFox said...

I am crushing over the exposed brick, the distressed hardwood floors, and the wrought iron gates!!

Hope your weekend is marvellous ;)


Nuit said...

thank you sweets!!! ;)

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