It's hard!

I say keeping an organized and cool kitchen is no easy task {got ample personal experience on the subject as I try and try and my own kitchen has never looked magazine-ready}

I found some pretty awesome pictures of kitchen organizing ideas. Lets see...

This island is GENIUS. take a vintage item and turn it into a life-saver like this one? PRICELESS.

Everything at hand. Very pretty set up this one!

I love the funky colors, the wood and the open shelves.

Clever, clever.

OK, this little nook is perfection, it's a take-all... but perfectly put togehter, books, antiques, keys and some kitchen items, talk about organization, it's all there! 

How do you feel about this? is your kitchen all perfect? if so.... do you live here on Earth?


Via: Domino Mag archives & Living ETC


S and O said...

Kitchen envy!
I love the green and white :D

OneCraftyFox said...

Images 1 and 3 = !!! :) !!!


Hope you are having an awesome week, gorgeous!

Pop Champagne said...

ohh nice. haha there's this show on tv where they turn old things into new things that you can't even tell it was something to be thrown away I love watching that show to see what they come up with

Nuit said...

yes! me too! revamping old furniture is the BEST part of decorating {not to mention totally budget-friendly!!}


Charlotta Ward said...

I love that first image. It has given me the perfect solution.

Thank you so much for that.

x Charlotta

Anonymous said...

I love kitchens where items are setting out, such as dishes and jars of wonderful things. Makes for homey and comfy ~ xox Alexandra

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