Today's Brittish Place

Palace Rd. House in London has so much simplicity and beauty I am like, floored. You see, i have a weakness for white spaces, {I'll wait till my kid is older though..........ok who am I kidding, I am just bad at deep-cleaning on a regular basis}.

This house has certain elements beyond the white walls, trims and frames we cannot overlook: fresh, organic slipcovers, natural fibers and wood, touches of baby blue, bare windows or VERY simple blinds, and many elements that were repurposed and revamped in some way. This is a DIYer's dream you guys. Let's see it!

Hello this kitchen!!! I love YOU!

Did you adore it or WHAT!


1 comment:

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

How GORGEOUS–I'm absolutely head over heels in love!

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