Dear Small Apartment...

I am in love.

People, check it out. This is a gem of an apartment, where truly genious choices have been made in order to make the most of every square inch.

For starters, this bult in shelf unit not only serves as backdrop for that cozy sofa but it provides depth, then there is the wicker chair to add texture and organic fabulousness, the rug, wooden table and stools follow suit.

Kitchen and Dining are right there too, everything tied together by the fabulous and paneled 50's looking wood. It all flows and connects in such a natural way.... oh man....

Use all of it! all of the space, get creative. Use a lot of white.

Never underestimate the power of fuzzy rugs (or anything fuzzy) esp in the bedroom. Will cozy-up any bedroom in NO time.

What an adorbz bedroom for the little one, could be boy or girl, it's equally good. And what a terrific way to maximize space. Pretty damn brilliant if you ask me.

what a treat right???


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