Coachella 2012

Aaaaaaah the magic of Music Festivals............... this couldnt feel more like Summer of Love............ and I dig it. If you ask me, I am ready to chanel my inner hippie and move to Woodstock this summer. Hell yea.

We've been seeing some pretty good fashion at Coachella '12 along with some pretty nasty stuff man. Ok here are the note-worthy ones according to yours-truly.

First off, Lea. Which couldnt be more flippin' up-tight but at the same time is kinda cute.
Accesorize girl, accesorize.

Emma is a cutie cute- And also has this really cool retro vibe. She totally pulls off this look.

Fergie and Josh, who always manage to effortlessly look badass!
luvs the boots.

When did it become ok to match with your clothes to your boyfriend's being a day over 12? NEVER. Diane and Joshua, stop that.

Only a model can wear fringe all over her body and look hot. green with envy here

Oh Paris, each element is soooo cute and you totally look like got the Coachella memo about the inner goddess stuff and such... but somehow (in my humble opinion) not working as a whole on you... sorry babe.

Here comes Li-Lo looking like a 39 y/o who had a rough night.
I don't get the dress....

Vanessa surely must have attended the same party Lindsay was in.
cute hat though.

Here's what I'd be packing to Coachella 2012

(pretties, fringe, denim, leather and color... YEAAAAAAAAA)
Coachella Bound!!!


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

haha- I think I love your outfit the most!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh Coachella–Monday was pretty rough for almost everyone in our offices! And I'm with Ren–I love your look (and Lea Michele's, but I'm uptight, too) best!

Nuit Hernandez said...

LOLs xoxoxox thanks girls

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