We sure need yet another post on Chalkboard paint

When I first started this lil ole blog of mine, I had a bad obsession with Chalkboard paint as a decorative element. Well....what's what is that I still am obsessed about it and can't stop looking at spaces where the chalkboard paint has been so cleverly used. So here are some of my latest finds.

Creative Island!

How adorable is this???
{love the knives & forks drawer}

French Bistro Style...

Loving the contrast that this creates, red jars are awesome.
And Sweet baby Jesus!!! THAT TABLE!!!

Sweet, femenine version
YES! It works for everyone!

The wall is def the most important element in the room BUT the view is surely stunning!

Gray version for a softer effect

The closet door where the magic happens!

Industrial & modern with touches of sweet ;)

YOU likey darlings???



Melissa Allam said...

I hadn't ever really thought about using chalkboard paint before, but here is another one I saw recently on Made by Girl and really loved it. You should check out this link too, it's a beautiful space.


la petite coquine said...

I love that gray, and the closet door is amazing! We had 2 small walls in our kitchen painted with chalkboard paint, and I thought it was so charming!

Jesse said...

I love it too! And finally painted a whole wall in my kitchen. I LOVE it!

Nuit said...

Thanks for the link Melissa darling!!!! Oh Jesse I am definitely thinking about using it in my kitchen too!!! ;)


Stacey said...

This is a great roundup of chalkboard uses! Love them all! XX

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