Sacha Dunn's perfect house

Lifestyle crush alert you guys! check out Sacha Dunn's perfect family and perfect house. I am totally obsessing with the kid, the dog and this porch. Let's see if you likey!

New traditional Style... mixing old and new. SWOON!
The Dunns raised the ceiling and added exposed beams, then gave everything a unifying coat of Nuance white paint (Sherwin-Williams).

Above... machine-washable canvas slipcovers and easy-to-mop painted wood floors in the living room. NICE!

Helloooo lover! I think I want that shade of blue in my kitchen now.

(luvin and lustin the rug and the floor... sigh!)

Modern and Fabulous Farm style. Love the chairssss!!!

Gray chalkboard paint??? GENIUS!!!

so beachy and simple... so flippin' perfectly balanced!

Cuteness overload ;)

tons of love and xoxoxo to YOU!

Images via Country Living


Anonymous said...

I love the chairs to!!! and the picture in the living with a touche of pink beautiful


Melissa Allam said...

Yes, love it! I've just been looking through my tagged posts on google to see what decorating style I've been attracted to and I always pic stuff like this. Although I like color, I like simple too. Thanks for your lovely comments about my pic in the snow Nuit. You always bring a smile to my day. Have a lovely week!

OneCraftyFox said...

Luvs all of itz!! That chalkboard wall is great, we used to have a chalkboard door when we wuz kidz :)


Tess said...

I love the kitchen floor! :)

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