She rocks: Anne Hepfer

Serious lifestyle crush here... Anne Hepfer.... wanna be my new bestie??

You guys, seriously, just take a look at her GORGEOUS home below and all you're gonna hear is the loud and clear sound of your jaw dropping to the floor {mine is still down there}. This 1933 Georgian home, formerly owned by Prime Minister John Turner most certainly gets my BIG FAT stap of approval!

Anne's style has this welcoming, friendly elegance that feels just right.

The fabulous black fireplace and white mantel, so perfectly styled.
Hellooo! mirrored coffee table! I LOVE YOU!

Notice she created TWO separate sitting areas in one living room. So fab.

More mirrors. I need one and PRONTO. Absolutely fabulous!

Sometimes, when I am too excited about a place I just write what I am thinking without making any sense. Forgive me if I have that going on in this post. I just totally die for this place!

Goodness gracious! could this space, instant table, and her twin boys be any cuter!!!!!!!???


The library is adult oriented, exotic and rich. A nice contrast in an all-white house.
That dog sure knows what's best ;)

Mirrors are a constant element used unexpectedly throughout the house for a chic effect.
I adore the patterns used here and the lovely olive shade {so IN this fall}.


Anne Hepfer Designs
Toronto, (416) 800-2485

photos via Canadian House & Home


Unknown said...

her style really isn't what i like - but that "X" mirrored coffee table LUVVVVS!!!!!

PS - another GIVE-AWAY starts tomorrow!!!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Unknown said...

thanks Erika!!! I'll be there ;) x

A Crimson Kiss said...

Oh my goodness, it's heaven! I love the muted greens in her bedroom, all that white, and that rich, delicious library! And you're right-I need more mirrors, too!

Leah said...

My fave is the black fireplace and her twin boys in those adorable high chairs and kitchen!!!


claire said...

Lovely rooms...but how cute are those babies! :)

OneCraftyFox said...

I really enjoy her fun use of mirrors, especially in that screen.

Your commentary is always charming because it's as though you're writing exactly what you're thinking... which makes it totally great!

k said...

these styles are so great...i'm loving your blog!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

great house- those two babies are cute- as are the blue/white jars on the shelf behind them.

Unknown said...

you guys make my day... everyday ;)

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