A tiny apartment in NYC... with a whole lotta personality!

Hi beauties!!!

Another beautiful apartment courtesy of Martha Stewart... Sarah Humphreys, is an Editor in NYC and obviously was immediately seduced by this quaint one-bedroom apartment in West Village. And we can't blame her, see: An 1830s row house, a courtyard entrance, rosebushes climbing the walls, birds chirping, a fountain gurgling {YES, in NYC!!!}. Now, the place was cramped, and after the renovation it looks like this...

Shelves are such a blessing!

Before, there were beige-yellow walls that didnt help open up the space... the living room was repainted with a cool-toned blue and instantly the walls began to recede.

Now, let's move on to the amazing and obsession-worthy folding table here below... Sara used to have a console {clutter-catcher} but it was replaced with a drop-leaf design, so you add a chair on either side and when the leaves are down the table is not even a foot wide.

Kitchen looks modern, clean... perfect.

The living room is genious, it's really small but they added:
1} an extension to the mantel for a better display
2} Large mirror
3} One sofa and a wicker chair, there's also a bench that is being used as tv table...
4} some serious shelves
5} two coffe tables pressed together so the owner can get rid of one whenever she needs to

are you havin a lovely monday????


OneCraftyFox said...

Great storage and love the hues :)


Just having the courtyard would make one want to live there. xx's

SogniSorrisi said...

Love the shoe cubbyholes!

Nuit said...

I know!! I love the color palette and the shoe rack as well. Too good this little place!!! thanks for visiting me guys!!!

Melissa Allam said...

I remember seeing this in the blueprint magazine along time ago when that magazine existed. I still love the apartment. Great color and organization for the small space.

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