PaTiO WorkS

Oh after all I have talked about it, [you are probably thinking "alright already!!"]... I began my patio renovation this week {pictures coming soon} so far it's been all about the dirty work, digging out the dirt to put the concrete in and the floors next {I bought beautiful exterior floors} in a total of 27 square mts and once I finish this part we will work on the plants, the walls and the furniture.

Anywayyyy.... here are four {Fabulousness times four} beautiful Patios I have totally fallen head over heels for, they are all going in different directions it would be hard for me to pick a favorite. Let's see what u think!

Are you lucky enough in life to have a gorgeous tree in the middle of your patio? what a blessing! seriously, this is absolutely stunning for me, you can hang lanterns and decorations and always feel in paradise!

Now, this arrangement is a dreamk, I cannot get over beauty of this arch, surrounded by nature and little lights, the most romantic setting I have seen and I'd be crazy not to try something similar! what do you think??

Zen inspired patio, a soothing oasis where you can forget all your troubles and enjoy the blessigns of mother nature. So beautiful but not so practical in my opinion {cuz i need shade and a place to sit down and have cocktails!... I know that is SO NOT Zen behavior!}

Another oriental/zen version but covered up and much cozier and inviting. Me LIKEY!
{and I will take that Budha PLEASE!}

have a lovely thursday my beautiful friends!!!



OneCraftyFox said...

Oh wow, wow, wow!! You have found the best of the best. I'd be thrilled with any one of these.

Good luck with the remaining work, can't wait to see your new and improved patio :)

OneCraftyFox said...

Hey sweetie, drop by my blog when you have the chance, I have included you in my World Tour!! tee hee

Annie@A View On Design said...

OMG imagine having a party in that second pic!!!

Melissa Allam said...

Hi Nuit,
I love th first two, but I can't wait to see yours most of all. Hope all is going well with the renovation. I miss you girl. But hopefully I will be around to visit more often with the summer starting and less committments.

Nuit said...

I AM BAAACK i will visit all TODAY =D thank you for stopping by, i love u all girls.

glad u liked this post ;)

George Dajo said...

My pick is the zen graden with the buddha! without question Nuit!

Mathias said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Leigha said...

That last image is perfect and pristine...right out of my dreams and onto your blog. Sigh!

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