By the river......

This beauty I found at Martha Stewart's, is on the banks of the Skidaway River, a branch of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and was built in the 1820's {my fave Era...} as the caretaker's cottage of an antebellum plantation. A decade ago, the McGaugheys bought the house, and they recently restored the exterior to its original appearance. I have to tell you... this place will get you dreaming for real!

The view...

The side porch {uh?}

The faboosh dining room with a round mahogany table offers an intimate spot . The painted plaster walls have a honey hue, and the silk-and-linen slipcovers give the dining chairs a pared-down profile. The iron-and-crystal chandelier is a Niermann Weeks design.

Stella lounges in the master bedroom... hey girl!!!

Special touches.. you know, it's all in the details!

{major sighs here}




My Owl Barn said...

This is a gorgeous place! The outdoor patio is in second last photo is tunning. Have a great day!

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes! Am sighing big time too!
Let's meet on the patio and sit in those divine rocking chairs and drink tea and chat for hours!

x Charlotta

Nuit said...

I'd love to!!!! lets do it ;)

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