Al fresco...♥

Oh man!! I keep dreaming about a perfect backyard... mine is still a mess, haven't gotten around to working on a budget for it and when I look at inspiration images like these, I die.

The {highly anticipated} arrival of spring has this effect on all of us, doesnt it? suddently its all about out-door spaces, "al fresco" dining and entertaining... {major sigh!!...}

Alright, so in my humble opinion, the are two reasons why these scenarios work...

mixin & matchin ;)
Just look at all of these flea market finds below....

and, Perfect shade... and nice green view!

Do you have a gorgeous outdoor space that will make me green with envy??? hehe ;)

Images via: Better Homes & Gardens


OneCraftyFox said...

These outdoor spaces make ME green with envy!

I live in a condo townhouse so although I have a private patio, it's still a communal garden. And that is just no fun :( There is actually a committee that decides which sort of bulbs should be planted to that everything matches, and you should have heard the hoopla when I took down my beige umbrella and replaced it with a fresh green one. Not to mention hanging drapes, oh my! The horror!!


Have a fantastic weekend :)

Nuit said...

Lols! I'd bet!!!!

I hope I can renovate my backyard soon, I'll invite you to tea or lemonade ;) ... or a beer or four :P

George said...

I am impressed with your style babe!

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