A little Fashion: {Trends 2 Love}

Okay, so designers go a little crazy sometimes and expect us to wear impossible stuff from time to time... but I have to say these trends for Spring-Summer 2010 are ADORBSSS!!!!!!!!

The New Nude {ethereal}

The little black dress {with a twist!}

{these beauties here are by gucci}

Hot pants! {yeaaah...}

And my favorite trend of all... denim shirts!!!!!!
{with a chic, femenine approach}

what's your take on this fashion trends????


Melissa A. @ Design Delights said...

Yes, some fashion is a little ridiculous, and I'm not that much into it. I have my own simple style and my son says I'm pretty trendy for a Mom, but I like those Nudes above. They are very pretty.

Nuit said...

Hey darling!!! you sure are a VERY trendy mom ;)

I like to think I am one too =D

Still Loving the denim shirts...


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