I need a mirror and pronto!

Hey there boys & girls! today is the Children's day here, we celebrate all kids and there's parties everywhere, I am taking my son to a party this afternoon {he already had one at school!}... I remember I used to love this day, so full of surprises and candy!

Anyway, I am a grown up now and this post is about a very important important object in grown up's lives: mirrors.. riiiiight??? i simply cannot live without them, and don't think I can live one more day without this fabulous mirror on picture #1 {and a dress I tried on yesterday}.

The mirror, the headboard, the lamps, the color palette, I need to live there!

The dining room... Fit for a king!

contrast masterpiece!

Aged mirrors... priceless!

Makin a statement for reals!


Artisan touch!

All images via Elle Decor


Melissa Allam said...

I have quite a few mirrors around the house too. I love how they reflect the light and make things seem bigger and brighter.

I haven't started the yoga class yet, but will this Sunday. Yes, all this other weight lifting and body building and running and walking exersize is making me sore so I finally gave in and am going to try out the Yoga this Sunday. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the encouragement Nuit. Have a great weekend and Happy Children's Day to your son.

OneCraftyFox said...

All of these rooms are just far too dreamy my dear. I especially luv that top mirror and bedroom. Heck, if I can't have the mirror I'll just take everything else :)

Hope the kids party went well, and hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

Annie@A View On Design said...

Ok firstly, forget the kids parties - go buy that dress!!! and then the mirror of course, to see yourself in it wearing the dress.. obviously!

As for kids day, we don't have that here in Aus - where are you "globally" that you have that? that is awesome!

Nuit said...

I am in Mexico, a beach Destination in the Pacific called Puerto Vallarta :) my son had two parties that day!!! and I AM buying the dress!!! ♥

Nuit said...

Melissa you are going to LOVE yoga I am so happy for you girl!!!

Claire said...

Children's day & children's parties are awesome! Have fun & these mirrors are so gorgeous...so many choices!

Charlotta Ward said...

Nuit these are stunning!
I agree, there is always room for a beautiful mirror and I see them come back big time, be that a single ornamental 'sun burst mirror' or a cloudy vintage mirror panel, they are all fantastic!

I agree with you on no 1 - absolutely amazing. What a great design.
I also love the over-sized gilded one in the dining room. I think placing huge objects on the floor like that is so fab!
That smokey panel of mirrors in no 4 had me licking the screen - I want them!
Finally, your last picture. I think it was Monika at Splendid Willow who featured one identical to this a week or so ago, and I feel in love instantly. What a fantastic design. Love the circular pattern!

Happy rest of the week sweetie!

x Charlotta

Tamara Nicole said...

Yes that 2nd picture/room is fabulous, I want it in my home:-)

Lovely inspiration dear! Enjoy the parties as well;-)

sinnlighet said...





Agneta, a swedish one ;)

Nuit said...

you guys make my heart sing ;)

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