For a Perfect nursery....

Nurseries are always a great place to really let your imagination and your creativity flow... I have posted about nurseries before, but this time, the post is just about a couple of tips to enhance that room and make it sweet and special for the little one......
1.- Use a chandelier in a baby girl's nursery, paint it and decorate it with ribons or cristals.

2.- Canopies are dangerous when above the crib, but you can go ahead and have one attached to the wall and away from the crib.
3.- Wall patern... chose one that is elegant and that can grow with your baby

4.- Baskets, open storage. REALLY necessary to have things at hand!

5.- Pretty those rods up! see how simple it can be?

6.- Built-ins: Use all the space wisely and incorporate a built-in unit that will be the solution for keeping all the toys out of the way!

All Images via: Better Homes & Gardens


Annie@A View On Design said...

chandelier - check
pretty ribbons - check
cane baskets - check
built in... hmmm, can't say I do!!! good old fashioned cabinet I'm afraid!

great post

Nuit said...

LOL thanks Annie! good old fashioned cabinet also works for me ;)

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