The holiday

Soooo, how exciting is it that we get to take some time off this week (or the next one!) I am having to work all of this week so next week I will pack my bags and fly out of the paradisiac beaches of Puerto Vallarta and into the largest city in Mexico... yeah, Mexico City, here I come!!!

You might think its crazy that I am going over there to seek relaxation, but, contrary to popular belief, I know what I am doing!!! EVERYBODY leaves the city during these days to go to the beaches so its nice and empty over there right now, no polution or stress or crazy traffic, its all pure bliss... AAAND the city is full of Museums, Parks, Molls, Restaurants, Theatres, etc. I am still wondering what I am going to wear (yeah, thats my biggest problem at the mo)...

Will be posting some faaaabulous inspiration for home-decor little projects this weekend. Stick around!


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