Royal Style Files: Princess Charlene of Monaco

This woman makes me green with envy, blessed with INSANE genes, super tall and effortlessly chic. She has made some beautiful fashion choices, and some not so much. Let's see:

Nude coat + leather gloves?
it's a YES

Not too thrilled with the color of this prom-like dress and the jewelry choices... not to thrilled.

Gorge, GORGE in nude tones. The peplum on the suit? I DIG. And the hat is just perfect for an official event. Perfect lenght of that skirt.
The ombre gown is to DIE, and the styling, the hair everything is just too damn glorious.

Beautiful dress, almost goddess-like, but what's with the hair??? I know she used to swim and stuff, but did she just get out of the pool??? ugh. You could use some accesories girl.

All three dresses here i love, simply perfect for her body shape and I most certainly would kill for the middle one. I understand she likes simple looks... but still, dont get how a girl with her kinda money wont accesorize with fabulous purses and necklaces.. people in that royal family are very stylish! Maybe Charlotte can help?

Rumor has it she is pregnant... if so, I cannot wait to see her maternity style!!!!

What's your take on this Royal's style?


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