Today's Brittish place

The Acton House in London, via Shoot Factory would sooooo be the perfect nest for yours truly and Benedict Cumbercatch .............

Because, what's a post on brittish interiors without a brittish celebrity crush?????

Is he not gorgeous? Cutest Sherlock EVER. {yeah yeah, I am a Holmes geek} whatevers.

OK, we're here too see some ROOMS. The Acton house has gorgeous floors, classic elements, stunning fireplaces, great views, deep-rich colors and a modern kitchen! J'adore. ENJOY!!!

Oh this Eggplant wall is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You likey?


heather said...

ooh it's like an eggplant lacquer wall! i love it!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Love that mirror and the counter tops.

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