random rooms to die for

Oh yeah, its time for some random rooms, and not just 'any' rooms... but the to-die-for kind.

Here are my picks ;)

This room is unreal. INSANE. Gorgeous styling and pops of color!!!

I am very much inspired by this blue bedroom. I kinda wanna try that now. U like?

Even the dog agrees that this kitchen is rad.

Victorian + Christmas?  YES PLEASE.

MAJOR sighs................



OneCraftyFox said...

Completely loving the first two, darling!! I too would love to try the blue room, the art behind the bed looks incredible.

Sending lots of love your way, and a warm hug :)

xoxoo Diana

Nuit said...

awww D!!! miss you girl! Tons of love right back at ya! xoxoxo

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