Las Alcobas {a REAL treat today}

Hi lovelies!!! how was the weekend???

Last month while in Mexico City, I visited a friend of mine who is General Manager at Las Alcobas, a Boutique Hotel. Now, while I knew this place would be fabulous and ULTRA chic since it is on Masaryk Street {the equivalent to NYC's 5th Ave with Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Donna Karan, Chanel, and a lot more fabulousness going on there} and Masaryk Street is in the super-duper-trendy Polanco neihborhood, I had no idea just how stunning the hotel would be.

Ok. Enough Yapping. My friend Michael gave me a tour and here's the place where YOU MUST stay when you go to the City of Mexico :)

I immediately fell in love with the use of colors, textures and light. It is simply to DIE for. There was very detailed work on the wood and mirrors and the location could NOT be any better. I want to go there (on vacation - not work like always) and enjoy a few days of that amazing city I love. But more than anything I'd like to sleep on those beds, they kept calling my name while I was touring the hotel.

See this genius work on the wall? I cannot think of another word to describe it. GENIUS.

It's all insanely good. Really.

In case you're wondering WHO-THE-EFF designed this incredible aesthetic marvel, the answer is power duo Yabu Pushelberg (a post on them two creative geniuses coming soon)



Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

so beautiful- I would love to spend some time in such a beautifully decorated place.

Nuit said...

you'd love it Ren! every single corner! and specially the amazing area this hotel is located in, sooo trendy!

LeeLee said...

Beautiful interior space.

Marie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing, I will keep this hotel in mind the next time I come visit Mexico!:D

***** Marie *****

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