Today's Brittish Place... Grovelands

Happy saturday ya'll!

Today's brittish place is INSANELY out there!!!!! Seriously guys, I thought I was gonna pass out when I saw this house. Definitely not the direction I would take but is fabulous all the same. Let's see what you think ;)

Grovelands makes ME feel like I am inside Beatle Juice's world... remember that crazy, ultra-modern decor in the dead couple's house??? right.

I do LOVE this....


Oh dear............ Are you effin' kidding meeeeeeee with this workout area?

Cool space... The bear does give me the creeps though





Mandy said...

Loveee it!! Totally out there for sure, but I have a thing for any home that incorporate lots of black and pink :)

And seriously that workout room!?! I think It would get me to actually workout its so beautiful!

Annie@A View On Design said...

ok, firstly, the bear is disgusting! But i can handle the rest, there is so much design ideas here you could look at the pics for hours, I mean, check out that "effin" (as you put it!) kitchen!!! WOWEE

Splenderosa said...

Except for the bear rug (hideous) I love everything about this space.
Sleek, clean, big, open with everything just gleaming. Nuit, where is this place? xx's M

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I would live here- for sure

Nuit said...

This place is in the UK, at the site where I found it they do not say who owns it or where exactly is it, I believe they use it as photo-shoot location! I am glad you all like it!!!! you made my day with your oh-so-funny comments! ;)

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