Advanced Style

I don't think I have seen anythink more inspiring that this... {since Carrie Bradshaw's closet obviously luvs...}

The mastermind behind Advanced Style is Ari Seth Cohen ... he roams the ever-fabulous streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older folks.

He shows us in the most unique way how these ladies and gents can teach us a thing or two about living life to the fullest. Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age. I seriously recommend his blog people.

The awesome Alice Carey for Vogue Japan

The lovely artist Victoria MacKenzie

Tziporah Salamon


What da ya think?


OneCraftyFox said...

These are definetely not your average grannies!! I [heart] granny #4, the pop of color is fabulous and brimming with energy.

Have a fantastic weekend, doll!!

Pop Champagne said...

wow! crazy hair! I don't think I've ever dyed my hair to an abnormal color before, I've had red highlights once but that's as crazy as I got LOL

yea stephen tyler would make an awesome dad, huh!

Arti said...

That hair is absurd.... Never seen anything like that before!!
Have a lovely day:-)

Nuit said...

=D glad u liked the post!! hahaha I loved all of these grannies. Too cute.

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