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Visit the Errant Aesthete today for a truly delightful read... a Delicious post on the wonderful Lucian Freud.

“Best known for his fierce depiction of the flesh, he seems to strip his nudes physically and psychically, presenting them in awkward poses and an unforgiving light. Sometimes, they sprawl about with animals or are enormously fat. Those who dislike Freud’s art consider his oeuvre the meat locker of a misogynist. They are wrong. The nudes have an unpeeled power that’s like nothing else in art. But there is indeed something harsh about the contract he establishes in such pictures between artist and subject. Freud seems to have all the power—and asserts it. His compositions are elegant, his subjects ungainly. His brush dances, their bodies lie supine. His surface glows, their flesh decays. His eye is spirited, theirs appears defeated. He lords it over the nudes.”

Review, NY Times Magazine, 2004


TheCluelessCrafter said...

Nuit, I had no idea bout this blog! I needed this more than you know. Glad I stopped by today.

Nuit said...

Hey!!! I am glad I could be of help!, the Errant Aesthete is THE BEST!!!! for a daily intelligent read ;) absolutely delightful food for the mind and soul.

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