The Honest Scrap

I received the Honest Scrap award from the lovely Manvi at Mochatini who really touched my heart with her post of then things we didnt know about her. So now it's time for me to do the same, it took me a while to finish this, the longest post in the history of this blog... so here it is, in case, you know, in case you wanna get to know me better =D

1.- I am a HUGE Sherlock Holmes fan, what you could call a Sherlockian. I have read the entire series of stories and novels about 9 times now, and I am just about to start over again. I cannot get enough!!! I am vicious too, I quote Sherlock sometimes in conversations with my girlfriends, one of them actually calls me "the pretty geek". I believe Connan Doyle was way ahead of his time and i can go on and on about it for hours.

2.- I am a single mom, my son is 4, he is the happiest kid , always has a smile on his face and makes me so happy. He is my heart...

3.- I love dancing... I danced ballet for 15 years and even professionally for 2 years. Until i injured my knee (well, both of them actually) and had to stop, finish college and get a real job ;)

4.- I cannot live without green tea and coffee... They both absolutely make my day...

5.- I cry everytime I watch Lord of the Rings. And after much deep analyzing, I know JUST why... It really touches my heart to see values such as honor, honesty and courage put out there in such a straight-forward way... These fellows are pure heart, and they know they are just a little army going up against larger, meaner creatures from the dark and yet their courage and faith moves them to the very core... today, it is hard to find this.

6.- I absolutely love the smell of fresh flowers... but who doesn't right?

7.- I live in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, the most picturesque beach destination in the Mexican pacific. And the things i love the most about it is: Sunsets, walks on the beach, and humpback Whales in the winter!!!

8.- I practice Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga that is... I love what it has done for me, I feel completely renovated and blessed by this discipline and I always recommend it to anyone I can. It changes your life, really!

9.- In the year 2000 I visited Israel with my parents and I believe that was the most special trip I have ever taken. Eye-opening... it certainly made my life richer.

Of course I wish I had not missed a trip to Egypt with them because I decided that staying to attend some parties was a lot cooler...

10.- And lastly... I write a lot, for myself. I have written stories, novels, and all sort of tales. But I could probably never bring myself to show anyone what I write. Is that weird?

Okaaaay..... Now is time to pass this award on to these lovely blogs... hope we get to know more about you ladies!

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Melissa Y. Allam said...

Hi Nuit,
I was reading through your list here tonight becuase it's nice to know more about the people who I connect with through blogging more and saw my name at the bottom of your list. You sneeky little girl. Thanks! I love finding out more about your. You are a beautiful ballerina, your son is a cutie and I wished I lived on the beach you like you. I went to Israel too in 2006. It was a wonderful trip for me too. Brought alot of the bible alive for me. Also, your love for Sherlock Holmes. I would have never guessed. Talk to you tomorrow. xo M.

Nuit said...

LOL hey Melissa... thank you for reading!!!!! I know, I love Holmes and i always get the surprised looks when I say this =D can't wait to see yours ;)

manvi @ mochatini said...

nuit this is awesome. i loved reading more about you your feelings. you are a beautiful person, courageous and very warm. did you say humpback whales in winter? i HAVE to plan a visit. happy weekend.

Nuit said...

Oh you must Manvi!!!! yes, December through March is the best time to be here, you would have a lovely time :)

31 everything said...

#6... gorgeous kitchen! Super like it!

SCISI said...

your son looks so cute:)xxscisi

Nuit said...

Thanks guys!!!

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