yay or nay?

Hello darling readers!
Look at this... is it not fabulous? I wish I had the courage to go black!... somehow I find it difficult to pull in a kitchen, not sure I could do it right.
However, I might try BLACK in my bedroom this new year... not so hesitant there!

Do you love it?


its simple love said...

Gorgeous! I think you would have to really balance it out with whites and neutral colors along with plenty of natural light. I love the look in this kitchen!


Arti said...

Looks very modern and stylish to me, though I too would be vary of using it in the kitchen!!
Happy new year to you:-)

Nuit said...

thanks darlings!!! happy new year!!!

Annie@A View On Design said...

yes, I do love it. I've seen it done so well, but usually the "less is more" philosophy applies when using black - just FABULOUS!! HNY babe

sm said...

beautiful neat
happy new year

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