Life Update: Latergram

Hey you gorgeous people! Lately I've...............

Kissed and hugged a certain Saskatoon gentleman.... (oopsie!)

Traveled in styled {comfy-style that is}and of course pointed my toes while doing so!

Enrolled my son at Karate lessons, he is doing great!!!

Taken selfies before ballet class.... {because I can!}

Had a drink {or four} cucumber and mint martini pictured here!

Been super sick at work... with a really bad cold. I am a responsible girl you guys!

Rehearsed for hours...

Eaten like a troll. Boyfriend spoils me with delish romantic dinners, what's not to love!?

What have you all been up to??????


A Crimson Kiss said...

Looks heavenly!

Jesse @ GoodGirlGoneGlad said...

So glad your doing well! Love all of your pics!!

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