Warming up

J'adore the Fall. What a beautiful season, the colors, the weather, the textures, the FASHION!!!
Here's my current wish list for fall.

This color combo. YES.

Pattern & freckles. Wish one could buy freckles....

Adorbz hat

Structured Trench

Black & Brown layering. absolutely.

All of the above are Fall AYES. Wanna see a BIG FAT NAY!!!?????????

Here you go,

I love Balenciaga, but I simply could NOT wear these. Beyond unflattering even ON MODELS!

What's in your wish list this fall????


Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

Love these fabulous images, but I giggled at your comment about freckles–I used to wish I could scrub them off!

Nuit Hernandez said...

scrub them off!!!!!! omg they are the best face feature to have! :)

Mrs. Sutton said...

LOVE the first image and the second to last - such gorgeous palettes! Totally with you on the Balenciaga - WHAT is that all about - not even on my eight year old twins - lol!
Best wishes,
Paula x

Jesse @ goodgirlgoneglad said...

I am a scarf-a-holic! Love that about fall!

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