Fabulousness times 4...

Lately I have been stressing a bit much, work keeps piling up, seems never-ending, and I crave and crave long baths & free time {not to mention a BIG ole drink} all the time. I found these images a while back and while I am speaking of long baths, this is the right time to share them.

What can be more awesome than relaxing with style?! I say NADA!

This one with the woods gives me the creeps a little bit, but that's probably just because it reminds me I am traumatized by horror movies, can't / wont watch them... Still think it's pretty flippin' awesome though.

u like?

via: Living ETC


OneCraftyFox said...

I want to totally soak up some yummy smelling suds in that last tub!!

I hope you are not stressing to much, my darling. I wish I could meet up with you for a tall drink and some girl chat to melt your worries away.


Nuit said...

awwwwwwwwwww that sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! {much needed tall drink and girl chat} snif*

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