Random Rooms to DIE for...

Here it is again, the fabulous post where 10 rooms have something in common: I look at them and die. Let's see which are your faves ;)

1. Open shelving and perfect light
2. Stainless steel, black & white

3. Vintage + Farm style + Modern = A whole new level of Awesomeness!
(I need an Acapulco chair and PRONTO!)

4.- Helloooo MAJOR lifestyle crush here

5. The most glamourous vignette I have seen in a looooong time

6. Stylish. Period.

7.- Mountain Getaway?? Yes please!...

8. Oh my!
Guys, I am speachless...

9. Adorable white kitchen... with love.

10. Ehem!.... good nite.
{this bed is totally calling my name}


Stacey said...

Beautiful! I really love numbers 2 and 7! XX

Splenderosa said...

Nuit, these are happening rooms but, what do they have in common?
Sorry I didn't see. xx's

Nuit said...

that I look at them and Die!!! LOL every month I gather a group of images of rooms that just drive me totally crazy ;) and the post is always called Random Rooms to Die for. LUV YA!


Jammer said...

I want a house with each in everyone of these rooms in it lol.

Nuit said...

me too!!!!! LOL

OneCraftyFox said...

Hello gorgeous!! I'll take 4, 5, 6 and 7 please. If I pay extra, can they be delivered by end of week? lol.

You always find the most amazing spaces... what great taste. I think you need to come and style my home, darling.

Luvs You!! xoxo

Arti said...

Just awesome, all of them!! So so beautiful I would love to own any of it!!
Have a nice day:-)

Nuit said...

aww thanks Diana!!! and all of you, for your darling comments. You guys definitely made my weekend. xoxox

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