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Hey ya'll! I was not around yesterday because it was a Mexican holiday (we're good at those) well, the actual holiday is on friday but what they do is they move it to monday so that everybody can take long weekends... gotta love'em!

Anyway... I have been looking for some inspiration on rooms for teens, I have a reader /friend that told me she is thinking about renovating her daughter's room now that she is 12 and turning into a young woman.

The girl has a very cute bohemian style so I thought something like this would be perfect... it works with shades of pink, orange, lavander and white. My advise: use vintage fabrics and flea-market finds!

For a young man we need to use clean lines and well-defined shapes... color schemes that work for boys: grey, white, black, red, blue, beige and brown. My advise: keep it classy and simple

If your girl is not so much on the boho, dreamy side, and more into fashion trends, you definitely can't go wrong with wall stencils and bold colors. This room below works because the color of the wall goes all the way to the ceiling and creates a wonderful focal point for the bedding and the wall-art. The color combinations that work perfectly with this style: pink-black-white, green-chocolate, aqua-yellow-white, yellow-grey-black, aqua-pink-white... My advise: find bedding with personality and really good lighting. Make sure the room gets plenty of light and fresh air.

Images via: Better Homes & Gardens

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